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5 Foods Rich in Lactobacillus We Might Not Be Aware Of

Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria. Yes! It is a type of bacteria but you may want to hold back on what you’re thinking right now. Not all bacteria are bad for you. Lactobacillus is considered as “friendly” bacteria. These are bacteria that commonly reside within our digestive, genital and urinary systems without compromising our health. It is also found in some foods that have undergone fermentation like dietary supplements, yogurts, etc.

These bacteria are used for treatments and preventions for diseases such as diarrhea and other infections. Moreover, Lactobacillus helps us break down the food we consume, absorb the nutrients, get rid of any organisms that might cause diseases and also boost our immune system. Now these are the bacteria you’ll love living inside your body.

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