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National Pharmacist Day 2017: Contributions that Deserve Our Gratitude

With the expansion of technological innovation and consistent development in medical technology, the healthcare industry has managed to overcome various chronic illnesses, discover treatment of fatal health disorders, and bring forth prevention methods of many life-threatening diseases. And pharmacists are one of the key components of our healthcare system. Whenever we visit a doctor, they prescribe drugs that we purchase from a pharmacy store. What was once a profession merely meant to device and dispense prescription drugs is presently a lot more intimate. Besides giving patients health advice on drugs, pharmacists are also immensely engaged in the health care of patients, more particularly in poor communities, where visiting a clinic can be unaffordable. Consequently, it is evident that pharmacists are doing more than they used to, and we should express our deepest gratitude for their contribution. Therefore, we must get an opportunity to commemorate and pay thanks to our local pharmacist on this Thursday, 12 Jan which would be celebrated as National Pharmacist Day 2017.

The day aims to bring our attention towards pharmacies and the ample benefits that they offer us when it comes to our health and life. Moreover, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) encourages all its associated members to participate in turning the day into an incredible success. Every year FIP announces a different theme in order to enable the associations in and members of the pharmaceutical industry to put together national campaigns or work on local social projects to exhibit the good job they perform in helping to better the public health and community well-being around the globe. It may include:

  • Raising social awareness regarding fatal yet preventable health issues, such as breast cancer
  • Conducting workshops on first aid
  • Giving lectures to school students on healthy lifestyles
  • Holding exhibitions for community pharmacy professionals
  • Organizing an activity day for kids and adults to demonstrate the various ways which a pharmacist can help them

Drugs prescribed by a pharmacist have become one of the basic necessities of our lives today that we take when we experience an ailment or a health disorder. The National Pharmacist Day, marked on Jan 12 every year, beseeches us to take a moment to think of and pay tribute to all the people who serve as pharmacists, contributing to our health and well-being. Therefore, let’s hold our hands together and express our deepest gratitude for their generous work on the day this year!

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