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How do physicians and nurses live their pledge of giving the best patient care?

Early Diagnosis and Treatment May Manage Cystic Fibrosis

    Common illnesses such as a headache, food poisoning, flu, etc. are often easily manageable and treatable. However, there are certain diseases, especially inherited ones, are so acute that that can become chronic if couldn’t be identified and treated in their early stages. Cystic fibrosis is one of those health conditions, affecting more than […]

4 Practical Reasons Why Nurses Wear Scrubs  

Originally scrubs uniforms were designed for the use of surgeons and other personnel in an operation room. And these were meant to be worn before surgery for personal sterilization. However, now all types of nurses, lab technicians, and medical practitioners have to wear them in a healthcare setting all the time. In fact, scrub clothing […]

How Can I Improve My Eyesight?

Eyes are one of the greatest blessings that we are born with. But we often fail to appreciate the fact and don’t usually take proper care of them that usually results in weak eyesight. Consequently, many of us are caught with visionary issues in the early ages – and nowadays you must have seen kids […]

National Pharmacist Day 2017: Contributions that Deserve Our Gratitude

With the expansion of technological innovation and consistent development in medical technology, the healthcare industry has managed to overcome various chronic illnesses, discover treatment of fatal health disorders, and bring forth prevention methods of many life-threatening diseases. And pharmacists are one of the key components of our healthcare system. Whenever we visit a doctor, they […]

Doing Job on Holidays? 4 Ways to Enjoy Your Days!

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There might be some of your colleagues who complain about their long and tough office hours and overloading job assignments. The frustration might reach at its peak when everyone of their friends and family members enjoys their winter holidays and prepare for a giant festival of New Year, while they get stuck with their job […]

Beyond Science, Medicine Is an Art As Well

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    Most of the people see doctors and surgeons as experts in the science of medicine. However, being skilled in the art of medicine is equally indispensable. Underlying this art is the caring and therapeutic relationships physicians build with their patients. Good communication between doctors and patients results in a better comprehension of patient […]