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Doctors Show Big Heart for Haiti

When the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, the people in lab coats and nursing scrubs knew right then and there that their help will be utmost needed by the victims. And as organizations start to call for medical volunteers, many doctors and nurses answered and flew to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to share their expertise to the people who are most in need of medical attention at the moment. This move was one big success.

We are in great awe to learn of the amazing response to the call of medical aid as CNN reports of the brimming volunteer doctors in the area. The situation actually leaves some to stand by for work due to the overwhelming number of workers. In the soonest possible time, we all hope these volunteers to be organized and then dispatched to communities where lesser workers are present.

While doctors have flooded Haiti, nurses are in short supply. Hence, interested nurses are asked to enlist and have themselves ready for Haiti. Physical therapists are also needed. Contact organizations that mobilize medical aid to the area. Interested nurses can contact The International Medical Corps., Global Volunteer Network, National Nurses United, Partners in Health, The Red Cross, The Anir Experience, and a handful others.

Other groups that organize Haiti volunteers for other humanitarian aid, except medical, include the following Visions in Action, Ministries of Aides International, Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI), Habitat for Humanity, The American Refugee Committee International, The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, and World Hope International.

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