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i shared a HEART at Pulse Uniform

Exactly one month from today, the whole world is going to be filled with flowers, chocolates, and kisses for the Valentines just as the Chinese New Year commences. February 14 will surely be a great day of the heart as good emotions will capture the air. Here at Pulse Uniform, we saw this opportunity to give credit to you, our brave and hardworking friends in the health care profession. Having been at your side for years by providing great medical scrubs, we have devised a medium to thank you for your continuous patronage of our products and for your unparalleled service to our sick fellows.

i shared a heart at PU

This is open to all health care workers. You don’t need to sign-up or so. All you need to do is scroll down and look for the comment box. Type in your nickname and fill in other required boxes. After that, you can start commenting and hit the “Submit Comment” button. The commenting will be open starting today until the last day of February. And on February 14, we will be choosing 1 comment to be posted here. At the end of the month, we will choose another 2 most touching among the comments and we will again feature those here.  The owners of the 3 chosen comments will receive $50 Gift Certificates each that can be used to purchase their choice of medical scrub at Pulse Uniform. The chosen owners of the comments will be contacted through mail by our representative to award the $50 Gift Certificates.

We understand what it feels like performing your jobs and we again would like to listen to you. For this month, you can share to us (by using the comment box below), one unforgettable incident you experienced while on duty that greatly touched your heart. Whether it is about an inspiring word from a patient or an unexpected gift you received or whatever that is which left you with an unexplainable emotion and a mark in your heart you will surely remember for the rest of your life.

By your comments, you touch another heart. One comment will lead to another and we will be creating a group of people with great interest at encouraging others by their experiences.

This we think is how we can share a heart with you. We pass on the ball.

Start sharing a heart now.

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