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Pomegranates May Ease Breast Cancer

On July last year, I wrote “Best Selling Medical Uniforms Are Pomegranates,” comparing their nutritional values and price against cantaloupes. And now, I can’t believe my eyes. These humble fruit, which I first read about in the bible, might even be able to radically change the landscape of the medical world.


In the past few months, the issue on mammogram has been in intense debate. The American Cancer Society and the U.S. Services Task Force oppose each other as to whether or not physicians should suggest to their women patients regular mammography screening. Others were concerned mainly on the risks authorities are taking upon saying women at the age of 40 must not be required to undergo regular check up.

The Task Force have somewhat got support from pomegranates when news regarding possibilities of its enzymes to help ease breast cancer risk spread in the internet. “Enzyme-blocking chemicals in pomegranates may reduce the risk of estrogen-fueled breast cancers.” –US Researchers (Cancer Prevention Research Journal)–

Aromatase is the enzyme which is said to convert androgen to estrogen, which in turn actively up the development of breast cancer. Shiuan Chen, one of the researchers, said pomegranates have chemicals having properties to suppress aromatase. There are 10 natural compounds that may potentially prevent estrogen-related breast cancer. These antioxidants or phytochemicals may prevent estrogen from feeding tumors.

Very promising. But further research is necessary to confirm the findings, so experts do not suggest pomegranate diet as replacement to aromatase inhibitors. In the meantime, we can hope for positive results.

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