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E-Coli and Flu Forced Elton John to Cancel Concerts

Elton John, along with Billy Joel, was supposed to have concert in Seattle, Washington, and Portland Oregon. However, it was postponed because Elton John was hospitalized due to influenza and e-coli bacterial infection.

I don’t how you find this news, but I’ll have to say it is disappointing and at some point funny.

Elton John

Disappointing – because many people were looking forward to witnessing another performance from a renowned singer only to find out there’s no concert to happen. Well, with Billy Joel as co-star, I think there’s going be awesome performances.

And then, funny because people can sometimes really get careless with what they put in their mouth and food manufacturers with their products, even at the time wherein a widespread disease has already been giving real headache. Good thing Sir Elton is absolutely fine, according to his spokesman Gary Farrow. Who want’s to go check on his condition? Get your nursing scrubs then.

Earlier in July, the American leg was also postponed when Billy Joel suffered from flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue. Promoters say Pacific Northwest gigs will resume in December. And just this Thursday, Elton also postponed a gig in Dublin following suspended concerts in London, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle.

On the other side of the world, e-coli outbreak also struck. In Rochester, New York, 2 were killed and 16 others sent to hospitals due to e-coli, suspected to have contaminated fresh ground beef from Fairbank Farms, in Ashville, N.Y. Check Washington Post for more details. The beef products were distributed in stores from North Carolina to Maine.

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