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New York Declares State of Emergency Due to H1N1 Cases Surge

The very long days for health care workers in New York starts now. N.Y. Gov. David Paterson issued an executive order yesterday declaring the state to officially step into a state of emergency. This followed the notable increase of H1N1 cases in the area. As of today, there are already 75 swine flu-related deaths in New York State. About 800,000 residents were infected last spring, and a surge is seen today.

New York State Gov. David Paterson

Health care professionals from different fields will now participate in administering H1N1 vaccine. The executive order stated dentists, pharmacists, podiatrists, midwives, and emergency medical technicians should now help. Paterson said this is to allocate the necessary resources to effectively combat the pandemic, and not to incite panic.

Although, this will be an additional burden to our health care workers, there’s no better way to widely and swiftly administer the vaccine than this. Yes, they may have to carry additional load, but this one will be a lot lighter than treating the already infected patients, much more seeing them die.

Through this emergency declaration, health care professionals who are prohibited by law from delivering vaccine due to limits of duties are now ordered to take carry task. Health care professionals, like Dr. Mark Feldman, director of New York State Dental Association, have stated their willingness to do their part. Let’s hope more take on their nursing uniforms to do their part.

Administering the vaccine must only take place in a New York state health department and not in their respective private practices, though. At this Feldman voiced out concern regarding risks of exposure to the virus in the mass distribution center. NY Health Department will conduct training for vaccine administration, but still has to determine the exact amount of needed training.

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