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Eating Healthy from Vending Machines

Vending machines have a bad reputation when it comes to health matters. Nutritionists would rarely, if there is any, suggest getting snacks from vending machines. Moms who are very concerned about the health of their kids would rather make effort in making snacks for their kids than letting them simply rely on the food available in such schools vending machines. But what if your stomach is rumbling already and there’s no other healthy food store around?

If there’s no way you would be willing to drive home or look for a cafeteria at that situation, you might find yourself fishing coins at the vending machine. Will you still be able to enjoy food without the guilt? Yes. Just remember 2 important things before pushing that button – high-calorie and hi-fat containing foods are never your friends. They will ruin your diet and figure. Choose snacks with less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving and no trans fats.

Here’s a list of healthy vending machine foods:

Vitamin C-rich fruit juice or instead of soda and caffeinated beverage
Whole grain pretzels or crackers over potato chips
Fresh fruit rather than pastries
Low-calorie granola bars instead of peanut butter cookies
Single servings of nuts or seeds
8-oz carton of skim milk or light yogurt

While you can easily get healthy food from vending machines, it’s still best to prepare your food at home. Wholegrain-made snacks, oats and other fibrous foods, as well as fruits and vegetables are your best choices.

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