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The Gorgeous Troublemaker

Do you think the lovely women you see around are really as gorgeous as how they appear? Will you still think the same about them if you know they are ensnared in some kind of trap that they themselves chooses to be in? Yes, every beautiful woman is being distressed by a gorgeous troublemaker that they can’t simply do without.

The gorgeous troublemaker isn’t someone who deliberately comes into the life of a woman to bring her into ruin. We’re simply talking about one common gorgeous but dangerous thing among women – the stiletto. Women are just so stuck with stilettos that they seem to not bother about the dangers they pose. But whatever sweet things these high-heeled shoes promise women, stilettos are a lot of trouble.

Not only do stilettos cause varicose veins to build in the legs or put the wearer in danger in case of accidental falls. Speaking of accidental falls, Lady Gaga has been an object of hilarity because of her historic falls because of wearing odd high heels. But aside from such accidents and the usual risks we used to know about such shoes, scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, England, recently found that continued wearing of high heels causes the Achilles’ tendon to thicken and stiffen permanently. As a result, the calf muscles are forced to stretch painfully when switching to flat shoes.

Regularly wearing two-inch high heels or more 5 times a week within two years and up causes the muscle fibers to become shorter and the tendons thicker and stiffer, said Prof. Marco Narici, lead researcher of the study. This immediately results to restricting ankle movements, leading to hard time walking or running fast even on flats.

As stilettos are a part of women’s life already, they cannot be totally eradicated. But the experts recommend wearing stilettos and flats alternately to avoid such a condition. It is also suggested to regularly do stretching so as to prevent soreness. Due to overwork, athletes are the most common visitors of hospitals, needing the help of professionals in lab coats and medical scrubs to men their Achilles. What these athletes have ended up can also be true to women. With improper use, stilettos can ruin not only the beautiful you legs but also impact your pace.

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