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10 Amazing Gift Ideas to make this Father’s Day More Special

“Any man can become a father, but it takes someone special to become a dad.” This quote explains the significance of Father’s Day. Surely, this particular day that comes once annually is celebrated in honor of all the fathers worldwide that spend endless years of their lives trying to make their children happy. Value of […]

HAPPY EASTER! – Here’s all the exciting stuff you need to know about this festival

Easter-the second most celebrated Christian festival after Christmas is observed in either March or April. Before throwing light upon the happenings that take place on Easter which is also called Pascha, let us first take a look at the reason behind celebrating this festival. History behind Easter- Why do we celebrate it? On the day […]

Never Forget to Do These 5 Things Before New Year!  

    Do not let 2016 end in a mediocre manner because it is the beginning of the New Year. As a famous proverb, “The way you begin your day, determines your day,” I want you to do these five things before the arrival of 2017 to make it the fresh, bright chapter of your […]

You Must Do These 7 Things on This Christmas

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Every special day should be treated the same special way it deserves to be. So have you prepared yourself for the most awaiting event of the year? If so, thumbs up! If no, I would recommend you to do at least these seven fun things on this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 1.    Spend Time […]

A Man’s Best friend, A Man’s Hero

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Also known as “Man’s Best friend”, these four-legged friends are certainly a joy to have. They give strength, comfort and timeless loyalty to us humans and that long owner and pet relationship doesn’t always have to be there for these dogs to show their amazing qualities to us. Regardless of their sizes and breeds, dogs […]

What Kind of Nurse Are You?

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Nurses are known for their dedication and efforts in ensuring the wellness of everyone. We see them in clinics and hospitals attending to patients and operate medical equipments. Accordingly, we all have met a nurse and if you are actually one, there is a chance of yourself getting included on this list: What kind of […]