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A Man’s Best friend, A Man’s Hero

Also known as “Man’s Best friend”, these four-legged friends are certainly a joy to have. They give strength, comfort and timeless loyalty to us humans and that long owner and pet relationship doesn’t always have to be there for these dogs to show their amazing qualities to us. Regardless of their sizes and breeds, dogs can be hailed as heroes as well.

Meet Charles Kennedy’s dog, “Jack”, a German Shepherd, who saved him by waking him up during a house fire.

Charles Kennedy, a blind man, was living with his dog, “Jack” at Odessa, Texas. One morning, at about 4 o’clock, a fire broke out due to a towel accidentally left on a stove. Charles was fast asleep, totally unaware of what was happening. Just when the flames started spreading around the house, Jack pounced on Charles and began licking his face, alerting him about what is going on.

He immediately called 911 resulting to his and the dog’s rescue to safety. Additionally, his dog never left his side. When Charles was about to be put on a stretcher, his dog rushed to him and laid down across his legs.

Accidents such as this can doubtlessly cost lives. Thanks to “Jack”, Charles’ life has been spared.

Heroic acts from dogs like “Jack” are indications of the animal’s loyalty to us. It is a joy to know that guardian angels do exist in many forms and for Mr. Charles Kennedy, it’s his dog “Jack”.

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