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5 Tips to Make Your Day and Build Your Career..!


Your work may be tough, demand you stay long hours in workplace, attend multiple shifts in a week. When doing all day work is the only alternative you have, you need to handle the situation accordingly. And adopt creative and logical approach to make your duty hours more productive and pleasant making your all day comfort. In the following paragraphs I have outlined 5 key tips to make your all-day-busy duty into a joyous service:

Choose comfortable cloBarco Uniform Cherry Heartsthes

Apparel that you wear has great effect on your performance. Wearing too tight may disturb your duty hours while moving and bending. Therefore, choose comfy and professionally appealing dresses relaxed fit through hips, seat and thighs. Furthermore, studies suggest that the uniform that you like and feel comfortable in, can exceptionally improve your functionality. That is the reason why nurses should be smart when it comes to make right choice of wardrobe collection to best meet their profession, job and personal needs.


Keep a bottle of water with yourself

Sometimes you are so busy visiting your patients that you hardly take a sip of water in the duration of an hour. Consumption of less water than your requirement can cause dehydration and its consequences on our health such as headache, anxiety or stress. Therefore, keep your water bottle always with yourself. You can keep the bottle in your apron or top’s spacious pockets to have a quick access and make your duty hours more efficient while being energetic at the same time.

Add some plants

Research has shown that workplace plants may prove to increase organizational productivity by 38%, cognitive abilities by 45% and overall well-being by more than 45%. Plants will also keep the air clean and environment fresh, and lessen office noise. The peace lily, aloe plant and spider plant are great options for an office environment where there are low-light and indoors conditions. Plants bring greenery and evoke natural environment at the workplace. Studies have shown that patients get quick recovery in hospitals that take care of natural environment in their hospital premises.

Take small breaks

Give yourself some tiLadies working night shiftme and mini breaks to keep your mind fresh and yourself productive. It would be ideal to take 5 – 10 minutes of walk 3 times a day in your workplace corridor to keep your body moving with proper functionality and metabolism running. Talking on any topic that interests you the most with your colleagues during your tea-time will not only better you mood but also establish mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Keep yourself relaxed

The last but not the least: keep yourself calm! The more you are relaxed, the better you can perform at your job. You can do 5 minutes meditation in your arm chair and thereby normalize all functions of body at a neutral level. Moreover, meditation not only relieves stress levels but also improves cognitive abilities such as memory and focus.


Most of the well-established and developing organizations encourage the above mentioned tips among their members and employees for improved organizational performance. So, begin with yourself to make your day and better your professional career!




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