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How My Dress Can Win Me a Job?


What should I wear on my interview? This is a common question by millions of people that comes in their mind at some point of time while looking for a job. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this question. As a famous proverb, “There is no accounting of taste.” Similarly, each interviewer has its unique sense and personal preferences of what is suitable interview attire. Fortunately, deciding what to put on isn’t as much difficult as you might think.

Dress above Average

Always dress one or two levels above than the basic dressing requirement for the job you are going for. Consequently, if you were going for an employment as a mechanic in a motorbike workshop, you wouldn’t appear there in greasy work-wear, even though that is how you would be dressing all the time in the workplace. You would still reach there in neat and pleasant attire and show respect. Typically, nursing or other medical candidates should wear professional attire instead of wearing scrubs. A suit would be perfect choice, however, if you are a new in your profession or applying for an entry-level position, a plain shirt and neat tie with slacks for males, or clean dress pants (or tailored skirt) and a blouse for females.


Use Youw_casualBlousesShirtsr Common Sense

Is a quality dress always a basic requirement in an interview? Of course not. Neither overact in your dressing by wearing fashionable dresses nor show off your pleasant or professional dressing. The most important things that help you win a position are your intrinsic characteristic and attributes such as confidence, interpersonal communication, logical reasoning, skills for the job that you are being interviewed for, and gentle attitude. That is the reason why many candidates in high-five suites fail to get the seat simply because they lack the basic professional skills.


Caution Can Keep You Safe

When you are ready to get dressed for your interview, it should be noted that your overall presentation is more important than your clothes alone. It takes only 10 seconds to decide if they don’t want you, on the contrary, it takes them longer to finalize you as part of their team. Using your common sense always be caution with your professional outlook and let them know that you are the right person for that job by showing intense interest in the duty and sharing your experience, skills and passion for the profession.


Your dressing has numbers in your interview test. So always dress above average. The rule of thumb says that always dress for the position that you aspire and not the one that you are interviewing for. In comparison of two equally qualified and skillful candidates, the well-dressed candidate often gets the job.



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