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What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Nurses are known for their dedication and efforts in ensuring the wellness of everyone. We see them in clinics and hospitals attending to patients and operate medical equipments. Accordingly, we all have met a nurse and if you are actually one, there is a chance of yourself getting included on this list:

What kind of nurse are you?

1. “The Newbie”

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They are, obviously, the new ones in the field, walking around, asking questions to the other nurses. They rarely speak, matter of fact, only speak when asked. They are shy but willing to learn.





2. “The Terror”

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Classrooms has terror teachers? Hospitals have their own terror nurses as well! These are the on-point, straight-forward nurses and are very dedicated to the job. They don’t want any flaws or spills committed. Just like in classrooms, when these nurses come around, most of the nurses get on their desks, straighten up and do their tasks right away.


3. “Superheroes”

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Most of their fellow nurses thank them because of their too much dedication at work as they pick up those long shifts at night and the strenuous extra shifts. They keep on working like they have a car battery inside them! Also, in a conversation, await their stories about how many shifts they had done within the week.



4. “The Legend”

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These are the so called “superior” nurses. Short count of years on their hands before retirement. They are considered as the mothers and fathers of the young nurses. They are, without a doubt, full of expertise and wisdom. They are focused on their patients. They might be old but still hard-working and efficient.



5. “The Food Nurse”

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You’ll see these nurses during their breaks with food on their hand. They are always eating! Be it candies, a drink, a fruit or a cracker, these nurses spend most of their break munching on these foods. Good thing they are very generous to offer you some of their stuff so you can join in the snacking fun!









6. “The Gentleman”

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It is a rarity to see a male nurse in the hospital as the workplace is occupied with like 70 – 75% female nurses. These male nurses are also there to care for patients and assess certain datas and prescriptions. They are also much needed in providing help in lifting those heavy medical equipments and even when a patient needs a little lift their own.




7. “The Fit Nurse”

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Obviously, they look fit, healthy and just right. And yes, as a “Fit Nurse”, they talk about fitness, working out, eating the right kind of food and things like that. You can almost wonder in amazement how these nurses still find time to work-out before or after their shifts!




8. “The Joker”

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Every group in and out of the workplace has these. Full of humor, like a walking comedy theater in the hospital. These nurses always tell random funny stories and jokes. They are loud, outspoken and they never care of what other might say and think of them. You’ll never get bored when they are around. Laughter is the best medicine, they said. The Joker agrees!



9. “That Pretty Girl on Scrubs”

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These nurses are like the fashion models of the medical industry. They walk around and do their jobs wearing printed, unique and stylish scrubs. They often receive compliments on how fashionable their scrubs are and how adorable they are wearing them. Definitely an eye-turner in and out of the workplace. You might consider looking for one, just don’t force yourself to get sick!





10. “The Villain”

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Ah, so here we are, at the end of the list, trying to recall that one last kind of nurse I almost forgot to mention. Surely, I probably didn’t manage to mention all kinds but this one, yes, this one, definitely must not be excluded. Picture this, a paper boat floating beneath the calm pond. Yes, the water in the pond may be calm now, but there will always be that kid who’ll stick his finger in the water and try to make a mess causing the paper boat to shake.

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