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Never Forget to Do These 5 Things Before New Year!  



Do not let 2016 end in a mediocre manner because it is the beginning of the New Year. As a famous proverb, “The way you begin your day, determines your day,” I want you to do these five things before the arrival of 2017 to make it the fresh, bright chapter of your life in a different and the most appealing way as follows:

1.    Ensure Cleanliness

Getting stuck with undesired things and unpleasant thoughts is not going to take you to any better place. Therefore, through away all clutter and unnecessary things from your cupboard, wardrobe, private room, home, and office desk. Delete all expired and spam messages; answer and follow-up all important emails; and organize your files and folders. Moreover, clear your mind of useless thoughts that have nothing to do with the prosperity and beauty of your now and future.

2.    Show Gratitude

It is time to express your gratitude to those who helped you in your journey of this ending year. Go to and meet with your well-wishers who prayed for your successes, participated in your great achievements and hold your hands in hard hours.


3.    Complete All Pending Work

Get done with all pending projects, unfinished personal tasks, and home assignments as soon as possible so that you can step into your next year with new goals, objectives, plan and resolution with a clear mind and relentless commitment.

4.    Prepare Yourself for New Year Celebration

Go for shopping and buy new clothes for yourself, your spouse and cute kids. Do not limit your appealing looks up to special gatherings, parties, and festivals. Get into elegant and stylish apparel for formal and official purposes as well. If you are a nurse or medical professional, wear scrub top and warm-up scrub jacket printed with Winter or Disney Cartoons images. Prepare delicious dinner or plan to go out with your family or friends to enjoy the last day of the year. Arrange a New Year party at your home and get into unending fun at your place.

5.    Surprise Your Family and Friends

Everyone loves surprises including your family members and friends. If you have been away from them for an extended period, make a surprise visit at your home to delight your parents, please your spouse, and excite your kids, or old friends’ gathering to enrich joy in their time.



To begin your New Year with clarity and firm resolution, you must prepare yourself for that thing as well. Therefore, start with greatness to shape the New Year as your exceptional period. You can do it by expressing gratitude to your loved ones, friends, family members and well-wishers who been with you throughout the year; ensuring cleanliness in your surroundings and thoughts for comfortable feel and relaxed mind, getting done with all pending projects for result-oriented planning for new goals and objectives, preparing for the New Year celebration, and surprising your family and friends. I wish you Happy New year in advance!

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