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Doctors Recommend Doing Exercises To Relieve ‘Tech Neck’

You must have chanted the famous proverb, “Health is wealth” many times in your childhood. And that’s how important your health is. So we need to take care of it in all of our daily activities from home tasks to the office job. Many of you may have heard the term “tech neck” that is today’s serious concern regarding discomfort while using a mobile or tablet.


It is often caused by your poor neck posture while you maintain when holding your gadgets. In that case, your chin is often down with head dropping forward and shoulders coming forward, holding the item.  While using your devices, you get so engrossed in the information being shared or the games you play losing track of time that you begin to feel muscles tightening in your neck, upper back and sometimes into hands and shoulders. Thereby you may get headaches, eye strain, tingling in your arms, and trouble falling asleep. And this could have been your habitual posture as well while playing with your tech things. But now you can get rid of those unhealthy habits. Because I have brought you some of the simple and readily applicable tips enabling you to keep up with technology without suffering from body aches and pains:



20-20-20 Rule

Apply 20-20-20 rule that says turn away your face from your gadget screen repeatedly after every 20 minutes and look at a spot on a wall 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. Doing so helps your neck and eyes get some time to relieve themselves. You can use a timer as well to remind you to do it.


Stretch and Walk Around

Give yourself regular breaks to let you relax every 15-20 minutes by looking off from the gadget of your choice. Now it is an excellent time to stretch your body. Do side to side head rotation until you feel a pleasant stretch and comfortable hold. It is suggested to do this exercise gently because any rush movement may cause a jerk in your neck muscles. Moreover, stretch your arms, shoulders, and waist as well for the entire body. Do some head massage for 20 seconds and place your hands on your eyes for few moments. Doing so will help you relieve any tension in your head and give your eyes increased energy and better focus. Repeat all these stretch and relaxation activities 2 to 3 times before getting back on your techy tasks. Moreover, walking around your office for a few minutes would be extra pleasant for your long and tough shift.


pexels-photo-59628-mediumHold it at Your Eye Level

Consider bringing your gadget to your eye level with the help of your arms, using stands, or propping the device on higher surfaces. It will tend you to have an erect and thereby healthy spine.


Taking regular breaks, doing some gentle stretch exercises, walking around the office for a few minutes and holding your device at your eye level is hoped to prevent ‘tech neck’ and increased joy in your time with your tech item. Moreover, do not forget to train your child to sit up straight always while playing its tech games.



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