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How Patient Engagement via Technology Can Better Deliver The Results?

Of course, we all want to live a healthy and prosperous life. But it is our collective experience to become a prey of minor body ailments that can easily be relieved by having rest and taking pills as prescribed by our doctor. As famous proverb says, “Precaution is better than cure,” it is important to seek an early treatment to avoid any chronic condition. Research has shown that there is a long list of health-related issues such as diabetes, baldness, and depression that in some way culminate from taking the stress. If the patient can manage its stress levels and begin to practice positive thinking, it may get rid of the issue and achieve good health. Considering the phenomenon, there is an increasing number of medical hospitals that are improving their customer service to an exceptional level and practicing patient engagement and compassionate talk for their patient’s emotional and thereby physical well-being.

Recently it is reported that MedStar Health is diligently working with Mytonomy – a Bethesda-based tech startup – to execute an innovative methodology to patient education that provides individualized direction through a newly unique, digital micro-learning software program.  Furthermore, they said that they were effectively engaged in expanding the current project to cardiovascular patients throughout the system and would be incorporating new sets of learning to better address other types of treatment procedures and conditions, including obstetrics, obesity, and gastroenterology.

One of the experiments conducted by MedStar Washington Hospital Center with 300 patients specially scheduled for heart catheterizations with approximately 90 percent of them completed the education modules. In this survey, patients reported feeling less anxious, emotionally better, more confident, heartily satisfied with their entire experience, and noticed to be more engaged. They found that engaging patients as active companions in their care is a crucial aspect of getting better outcomes and increasingly improved chances for long-lasting health. Giving patients the knowledge and necessary tools to manage their care needs better becomes more important than ever before when the measure of health was viewed across a person’s life, and not in episodic encounters with a healthcare institution.

According to the CEO of Mytonomy, Anjali Kataria, their aim was to establish and provide an easy-to-operate system that was extraordinarily practical behind the scenes. Therefore, they had to do extensive research, develop their system with the help of many surveys conducted at MedStar and other major hospitals in the country.

We hope that the digital system by Mytonomy will increasingly improve its modules with better patient training and skill education. The better the patients are engaged in their treatment with problem information and practical know-how to handle it; the better the results they achieve.


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