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An Update on AZ Nurse Amanda Trujillo Case

Amanda Trujillo, MSN, RN | ScrubPointAmanda Trujillo, a registered nurse in Arizona, has been scuffling with her case on patient advocacy for several months already. On January 24, 2012, her case was supposedly to be heard. But unfortunately, it has been postponed and rescheduled on March. And what is reason for delaying it? The AZ BON don’t like Amanda’s online activity and feel she threatened a former boss. Thus, they are requiring her to undergo first a psychiatric evaluation.

With the popularity that Amanda Trujillo’s case is receiving online, it made me realized then how important social media is in healthcare industry. They are not only beneficial in promoting health awareness but also allow people in nursing scrubs to share their experiences. Additionally, social media makes it possible for nurses to extend their support to fellow professionals in nursing scrubs like AZ nurse Amanda Trujillo who is currently in a dilemma.

By the way, here is a preview of how the story of Amanda became viral online. Amanda sent an email to Echo Heron containing about the troubles she’s currently facing. Heron passed the said email to Vernon Dutton. Dutton, a blogger at the same time a health professional wearing nursing scrubs, published the said email on his blog. More and more nurse bloggers learned about Amanda’s struggles so they also write about it and continuously giving updates about the progress of the case. Some are even raising funds to support Trujillo while others are making petition to remove Trujillo’s nursing license from “under investigation” status.

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