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Pulse Uniform Introduces the Scrubs Stylist

One of the biggest challenges when getting your scrubs online is choosing the best scrub tops for your favorite pants or vice versa. It’s easier when the hospital or facility you work with has a required dress code. Then all you have to do is get a scrub top and pair it with the pants you like in the same color. Often customers make the mistake of choosing a scrub top from one brand and the bottoms from another brand.

It is best to match colors and styles from the same brand. Different brands may have different shades even if they both said ceil blue, navy, royal or green as colors. A ceil blue from a Cherokee may be lighter or darker than the ceil blue of Landau or Adar. The same way that a navy pants from Dickies may be a tad different from the navy pants of Urbane.

Ceil Blue | Pulse Uniform

Ceil Blue of Cherokee, Landau, and Adar respectively

It’s a good thing that Pulse Uniform has got an in depth product review that not only discusses the features and merits of the product but also the proper care for the fabric to ensure longer use.  Another plus for this new review is the coordinates and recommendations from the scrub stylist. It suggests the best coordinate colors as well as the recommended scrub pants if the product under review is a top.

One of the bestsellers for the Dickies is the classic v-neck scrub top DI-810506 and is given a detailed review featuring all the reasons why this scrub top is one of the bestsellers. The fabrication of the product is also discussed and how one can take better care of it. The review also suggests an elastic waist scrub pants in the same color to project a sleek appeal. Or a drawstring scrub pants for a comfortable fit.

Print scrubs are even harder to pair with the right pants. Take for example Style# DI-82711HG which is a Dickies Everyday scrub tops, the scrub stylists suggests that the top will match well with scrub pants in colors of grey, hunter green, royal and turquoise and recommends the DI-850506 as a good scrub pants for it. Then all a customer has to do is look for the recommended scrub pants in regular, petite or tall size and in the color suggested by the stylist.

The scrub stylist product review should help customers about the different products they intend to buy and more.

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