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Pulse Uniform Unveils The Nursing Scrubs Uniform Stylist

The most innovative concept has been introduced by Pulse Uniform for their loyal customers, The Nursing Scrubs Uniform Stylist.

According to the Rick, VP for Marketing, the idea came about when they saw the number of returns were due to color mismatch, sizing errors, and realized the need to have an “ask a fashion expert” like but for uniforms. Someone who would give the medical professionals the right ideas on what nursing uniforms would look best on them, would fit a certain body type or skin tone, and tips on sizing, color combinations and other uniform ideas.

So far, no company that deals with medical apparel has thought of such an ingenious idea. Yes, some online clothing stores have some kind of a fashion expert available for all the questions customers might have; they also have blogs that tackle the latest trends and their products.

Companies that provide work uniforms, particularly nursing uniforms, do not have this fashion expert. And Pulse Uniform realized that most returns due to sizing concerns and color mismatch could be reduced with a help from an expert or specifically a scrubs stylist who would give nursing uniform ideas and tips not only for individuals but also for hospitals and other group orders.

  • The Uniform Stylist handles the interaction of the nursing scrubs with other accessories to create the look that you want or pick out the right look for you based on your personality or shape or size, whichever you prefer.
  • The Uniform Stylist answers questions on what styles works best for what shape and size, the correct color combinations, the latest styles, trends and color and anything else you might want to know on how to look fashionably smart and professional.
  • The Uniform Stylist has an understanding of the up-to-the-minute trends in fashion which she then translates in medical apparel fashion. The intricacies of design, color theory, fabrication are just some of the things the stylist is adept at.
  • The Uniform Stylist can also give ideas on what types of uniforms, the colors, brands, and their corresponding prices to group orders of dental offices, nursing schools and universities, children’s clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
  • The Uniform Stylist can offer other services that will suit the needs of the whole team according to the type of uniforms, their customization requirements like logo and embroidery and their budget allocation.

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