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Pulse Uniform Unveils The Nursing Scrubs Uniform Stylist

The most innovative concept has been introduced by Pulse Uniform for their loyal customers, The Nursing Scrubs Uniform Stylist. According to the Rick, VP for Marketing, the idea came about when they saw the number of returns were due to color mismatch, sizing errors, and realized the need to have an “ask a fashion expert” like but […]

Panda Uniforms Debuts at Pulse Uniform

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Like the joy felt by a mom toward her newborn, Pulse Uniform is overjoyed by the birth of Panda Uniforms. This new line of nursing uniforms rolled out to the market this week, debuting with the very basic styles of scrubs at the meager price. Significantly, health care professionals and students alike can expect this docile […]

Student Section Now Open at Pulse Uniform

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Pulse Uniform now has a new section specifically dedicated for future healthcare professionals. Everything that medical and nursing students need are all found in this section, from student medical scrubs and student lab coats to stethoscopes and nurse kits as well as bags and portfolios. Customers can easily get student medical scrubs or any of […]

Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves Lab Coats

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Every season poses new challenge, including that of choosing clothes to wear. Good thing that doesn’t have to add to the burden of most health care employees because they only need hospital scrubs. Looking extra fashionable is only an issue to those who are a bit conscious with beauty. Other than that, even a good […]

Perfectly fitted Landau Scrub Pants

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Excellent fitting is the best thing that one can get from scrub pants. So it’s important to carefully find products that are of high quality. One way of ensuring that is going for the branded such as Landau. Whether you need petite, tall, regular size, extra large, Landau scrub pants provide fitting that will make […]

My Mens Scrubs also Your Womens Scrubs

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I wish I could be in his tees, said a girl. T-shirts for men are more comfortable. And then, a guy would say, I wish I could be in clothes as stylish as hers. Gendered clothes usually make both men and women envy each other for qualities they consider as ideal or necessary. To resolve […]