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Winter Scrubs: Perfect Combination of Warmth & Professionalism!

  You must know that what you wear affects your performance. The work wear you are comfortable in enhances charm in your personality, while the garment you feel uncomfortable in negatively affects you in every way from your looks to your functionality. In a medical setting, your dress code matters a lot. Therefore, it is […]

What Dress Code Defines a Proper Medical Attire?

Sometimes a careless attitude results in horrible consequence. Occasionally, the same thing happens in hospitals as well. In order to fine tune the medical service and execute better treatment results, The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has recently issued an assertion on proper dress code for health surgeons, whether in the operation theater or checking […]

Is the Tradition of Wearing White Lab Coats Dying?

“No matter if you are a proponent for or against physicians wearing the white coat; it is difficult to deny that it remains a universally recognized symbol of the profession.” –Leah Lawrence The white coat has been a traditional symbol of the medical profession since the late 1900’s. Televisions, movies, commercials and illustrations all often […]

Dickies’ Gift of Comfort

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When it comes to comfort, Dickies offers the DI-C72501 lab coat item. With 55% cotton and 45% polyester fabric used, the wearer will benefit from a mix of breathable materials. Moving around is also easier because of the four deliberately positioned slits. There are two side slits and lower center back slit. These slits also […]


Cherokee’s Gift of Fashion

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What if you want an outstanding long-sleeved lab coat for a female loved one? Cherokee uniforms have lots to offer. Among the best is the fashionable lab coat from Cherokee, the CH-26349. The outstanding feature of this Cherokee lab coat is the unique embroidery on the collar and the princess seams. It also has waistband […]


Landau’s Gift of Professional Look

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Are you thinking of a consultation coat for your husband, father, brother, son, friend, or boyfriend? LA-3224 Landau lab coat, a more formal type of lab coat, is a perfect gift item. This Landau lab coat functions like a usual coat, featuring two roomy two lower inside pockets for keeping important personal stuff as well […]