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Men Lab Coats That Can Paint Smile

Flashing smiles on everyone seem to be the last thing you’d think a doctor would do, although there are some who cannot breathe when on a serious mode. Few would want to see serious-looking doctors, surely. But then again, the work load and the seriousness of some of the patients’ conditions seem to automatically hide their sweetness. Even the emphatic look of these people might run from their facial expression on some instances. Try wrapping new lab coats from Pulse Uniform as gift, and see how big the smile can be.

Why would a lab coat paint a smile on a doctor’s face? For one thing, Pulse Uniform’s men lab coats are the finest in the market. We have in store products from the reputable brands of the industry, the Cherokee, Dickies, and Barco. Whether it’s a long or short comfy lab coat, we have it tagged with the Cherokee brand. The long unisex lab happens to be one of our best selling because of the functional details added to it. We also have Cherokee consultant lab coat which provide great deal of space for gadgets due to its multi-pocket feature.


What about Dickies lab coats? The quality Poplin fabric used in it says it all. These lab coats are definitely durable and comfortable. They were created with simple designs, just as how men normally want their garments. No doubt, Dickies lab coats make good sales as well. Poplin or tabinet, by the way, is a silk wrap with a weft or worsted yarn. It can be a blending of wool, cotton, silk, and or rayon, or of cotton and polyester.

Now see how Barco lab coats please male medical professionals. Just look at the elegant cut of the unisex 3-pockets 31-inch short lab coat. The simplicity that men want and the style ladies love go just perfectly. And with its medium weight poly cotton poplin fabric, extra comfort can be enjoyed. The fabric also feature wrinkle and wear-resist trait, exactly what men look for because they don’t usually do ironing. There’s more to see with Barco lab coats, so check Pulse Uniform for the complete selection.

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