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Feel and Look Great with Fashion Lab Coats

Who says people busy working in hospitals, trying to help patients gain back good health, cannot look fabulous? The fashion lab coats featured in Pulse Uniform will prove that person wrong.

When was the last time you visited the hospital or paid your doctor a visit? Did you notice the white lab coat doctors’ are on? Maybe, like most people, you are amused with how professional they look. There’s something about the garment that seem to create that authoritative and smart appearance. Is it the collar? Or the usual length that reaches down the calves? It’s both; and all other details of the laboratory coats.

Check out the Cherokee Patch lab coat and discover everything about how far can these lab coats take a doctor in the world of fashion. Its plain white color is made vibrant by the dots, stripes, and floral embroidery patterns patched on the center front panels of this notched lapel lab coat. It’s cut to according a princess seaming to bring out a more feminine look, something that makes the motherly qualities of the wearer manifest. To complete the step up the level of being fashionable, this Cherokee patch lab coat is adorned with two front pockets and center back belt.


A fashionable lab coat cannot be considered truly fashionable if it provides only but designs that please the eyes. The most important about being fashionable is still the comfort offered to pamper the wearer. Cherokee created this hospital uniform exactly as how high quality workwears hug the body. The fabric used breathes enough air during warm seasons and keep considerable amount of body warmth on cold months. The pockets were strategically attached to the part where things stored can easily be reached. Even the sleeves were purposely kept to a length that lets the wearer move the arms and hands freely.

This is just one fashion lab coat to prove how medical professionals can still look and feel great while busy in hospital works. A lot more designs are on hand to tell everyone the details of how impressive lab coats are. You better check the complete line of medical lab coats at Pulse Uniform to prove it to yourself now.

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