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Why Not Wear Color Lab Coats?

White lab coats never fade in the lime light. They remained the star on all times. You see them in every hospital. They seem to have not changed since they entered the medical world. At some points, color lab coats are more popular, or should we say, sought. That is true on some departments like the psychiatric ward. Clinical departments such as those for children sometimes require colored lab coats as well. For reason of having the mood of patients affected by colors, color lab coats are preferred in these areas. Why not allow color lab coats in other departments?

In the psychiatric ward, the white lab coat seems to have become a warning device, alarming the patients of the doctor’s arrival. They run amok. To avoid such incidents, area administrators require psychiatrists to wear color lab coats, and they should wear various colors on different days. Children, on the other hand, are fond of seeing bright and vibrant colors. And for that very fact, color lab coats are ideal in children wards. Now, if color helps on those two clinical departments, it should also work on others.


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