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Lab Coat Stores – What should you look for?

What do you look for in a store that makes you want to buy from them? Just a short wise list most probably – topnotch products, wide options, great deals and quality customer service. Everything necessary should already be included in this list. Let’s go into details to check if your list is really a good one.

You need a lab coat, for instance, what will you be looking for in the store to make sure you get only the best lab coat? Physicians would most probably look for a brand that is well known in quality and design. Although, they may want to save with a less expensive lab coat, these healthcare professionals usually go for the high-priced item with the assurance of high quality. Landau, Barco, and Urbane are a few names to consider. All three brands manufacture lab coats that sport first-grade fabrics sport professional look, making sure you pay for laboratory coats that are worth the money.

Sure you also want to get as much options as possible. What will you need to see in a store or medical uniform brand? There must be short, long and full length lab coats. Fashion, three quarter sleeved and embroidered lab coats should also be included. It will also be good to have twill, knit cuff and consultation lab coats as well, so that you would have other choices when the style you first wanted didn’t match your expectation. The variety of the designs of all these lab coats must be as wide as the personalities and needs of the customers, may they be female doctors or male dentists, and whatever their body sizes are. Choices of colored lab coats will also be a great thing to find in a store, besides the white lab coats.

Taking Landau lab coats as examples, we’d be able to check how good the options are. One great option is the LA-3124 Landau 37-inch protective men medical lab coat, an item featuring patented antimicrobial coating; best for physicians who work in high risk areas for contracting viruses. Should you look for comfortable lab coat, one good choice is the LA-3161 Landau men’s premium lab coat. With 100% cotton fabric, the item is breathable, allowing air in to somehow handle work’s stresses. Other designs to consider are available as unisex, and you can find them at Pulse Uniform.

Landau Lab Coats

A female healthcare professional, on the other hand, who likes looking elegantly stylish would love the LA-8729 Landau 28-inch women cardigan medical lab coat. It’s has a deep v-neckline with hook and eye center closures, two double pockets under button accented flaps, as well as back tailoring darts and button tab in princess seams. An almost similar lab coat design that women should also check is the blazer style LA-8404 Landau 29.5-inch ladies medical lab coat. There are a lot of other professional Landau lab coats to still discover like the LA-8722. You can check Landau Lab Coats album in facebook or the Landau lab coats page in Pulse Uniform.

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