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Lab Coat Stores – What should you look for?

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What do you look for in a store that makes you want to buy from them? Just a short wise list most probably – topnotch products, wide options, great deals and quality customer service. Everything necessary should already be included in this list. Let’s go into details to check if your list is really a […]


Why Not Wear Color Lab Coats?

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White lab coats never fade in the lime light. They remained the star on all times. You see them in every hospital. They seem to have not changed since they entered the medical world. At some points, color lab coats are more popular, or should we say, sought. That is true on some departments like […]

Feel and Look Great with Fashion Lab Coats

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Who says people busy working in hospitals, trying to help patients gain back good health, cannot look fabulous? The fashion lab coats featured in Pulse Uniform will prove that person wrong. When was the last time you visited the hospital or paid your doctor a visit? Did you notice the white lab coat doctors’ are […]

Doctors Need Not Only Lab Coats and Stethoscope

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The doctors’ needs Doctors need lab coats, that’s given. Lab coats and other garments such as medical scrubs identify these medical professionals from others of different professions. A lab coat is a uniform they wear, to say it short.  This usually long white gown-like medical clothing always create an authoritative impression, telling patients “Hear me.” […]