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Winter Scrubs: Perfect Combination of Warmth & Professionalism!

  You must know that what you wear affects your performance. The work wear you are comfortable in enhances charm in your personality, while the garment you feel uncomfortable in negatively affects you in every way from your looks to your functionality. In a medical setting, your dress code matters a lot. Therefore, it is […]

Urbane Fleece Jacket – Your Luxurious Warm Up at Low Cost

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The rare fleeces of alpaca, guanaco, llama and vicuña are the most expensive warm up jackets one can covet. Their insulation is outstanding, and their smoothness is incomparable. For practical people, however, fleece warm up jackets from those animals are but luxuries that can be set aside for less costly counterparts. As healthcare workers, spending […]

My Doctors LOVE The Jackets

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My doctors LOVE the jackets that you did for them….we are buying for the whole team now!!! -JC It is our pleasure to provide high quality nursing uniforms and service. Hearing customers love what we provide makes us want to improve and offer them more. Expect to find better items and deals in the coming […]