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Winter Scrubs: Perfect Combination of Warmth & Professionalism!

  You must know that what you wear affects your performance. The work wear you are comfortable in enhances charm in your personality, while the garment you feel uncomfortable in negatively affects you in every way from your looks to your functionality. In a medical setting, your dress code matters a lot. Therefore, it is […]

Pressured to Wear Quality Nursing Scrubs

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Recent studies on career trends show a deliberate change in the way employees view appearance. They actually think better image is necessary to get or keep a job. In fact, Amanda Sanders, image specialist of New York Image Consultant, told CNN that almost half of her clients comprise people wanting to boost career. This change […]

Nursing Shoes for Protection and Comfort

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The reason why shoes were created is that they should work to protect feet while keeping it as comfortable as possible. And just like clothes, different materials help make that purpose work well. They also come in different designs to suit different occasions and activities. As for nursing shoes, what do you think is the […]

Durable Branded Nursing Shoes Available in Cheap Prices

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How long have your nursing shoes been serving you? It must be of high quality if it’s keeping you feet comfortable for at least a year. If your toes are starting to peep by now, it only means that you’ve been companies for a long time of demanding work already. This means condition within a […]


Must Have Comfortable Nursing Shoes

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Hospital work is never an easy job. And it can get tougher during hard-to-deal seasons as well as when epidemics arise. At this point, wherein the pandemic A H1N1 also known as swine flu is about to make the number of infected people swell, doctors and nurses around the world will surely have to double […]

Medical Uniforms | Shoes and Accessories

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Medical uniforms and scrubs are not all that doctors, dentists, and nurses look for? They also need shoes and medical accessories that’s why Pulse Uniform provides them as well. And just like the medical clothing, those shoes and accessories are low cost branded products. The offers on the garments, namely the bulk order discounts and […]