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Medical Uniforms | Shoes and Accessories

Medical uniforms and scrubs are not all that doctors, dentists, and nurses look for? They also need shoes and medical accessories that’s why Pulse Uniform provides them as well. And just like the medical clothing, those shoes and accessories are low cost branded products. The offers on the garments, namely the bulk order discounts and free shipping, basically apply on them too. Should you need new shoes or medical accessories, Pulse Uniform is worth visiting.

Nursing Shoes

Medical shoes come in large selection for customers to find the design with which they are comfortable wearing. Among the popular designs in store are rubber shoes, clogs, and step-ins. They are of different materials as well. Some are of durable leather, extremely lightweight rubber, and synthetic leather. And to make sure there’s footwear to suit every customer, Pulse Uniform features men shoes, women shoes, and unisex shoes in different sizes and comfortable stylish designs.

Wide array of medical accessories don’t have to be costly either, so Pulse Uniform gives big discounts on these items. Digital thermometers, tuning forks, forceps and measuring tools, aneroid kits, and EMT products are all budget-friendly. Other medical accessories such as surgical caps, nebulizers, neurological hammers, health monitors, as well as nurse kits also come in discount prices. That’s not all. If you need watches, eyewear, blanket, handbags, and gifts & jewelry, you can have them for less.

Medical Accessories

It’s easy to get hold of any of these medical uniforms, shoes and accessories. Simply check on Pulse Uniform. The online catalog is user-friendly; it will quickly lead you to the right product you are looking for. If you need it quicker, you can ask help from our professional customer service representatives. All you need to do is dial Pulse Uniform’s toll free line, the 1-866-967-8573.

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