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Best Scrub Top? – Cherokee Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top!

The medical uniform industry has changed over the years. From modern chic designs, to boxy cuts, bright colors, funky patterns and so much variety but what remains essential are all time classic styles. Let’s find out why Cherokee Workwear Unisex V-Neck Top is everybody’s go to scrub top.

As the name suggests ‘Unisex’

Though Unisex as labelled, the top is more popular men’s design because of its loose boxy style. It is also preferred by women who want something not to snug and easy to work with. The size is larger than anticipated as most customers have reviewed. It has incredible craftsmanship, short sleeves, tapered V-neck and a comfortable fit.







purple unisex top










High Quality – Reasonably Priced

This V-neck scrub top by Cherokee WorkWear is made of heavier blend which comprises of 65% Poly/35% Cotton. The fabric is comfortable and super-soft. Though the material tends to be on a little thicker for summers and is best suited for winters. Starting at $12.86, It’s available in affordable price and is must-have for your work wardrobe.

17 Colors – Wide Variety

Cherokee WorkWear V-Neck Scrub Top comes in 17 different bright and primary colors! Solid tops are amazing for a professional look. The colors are fast and can stand cycles of machine wash, best it also happens to be wrinkle-free after a spin in dryer. The sizes are available and can accommodate to XS to 5XL.












Special Features

The top has plenty of Patch Pockets. It can be easily machine-washed and has fast colors. Many people have found the length to be good and comfortable. This is the reason some women prefer this scrub top as other specific women design tend to run shorter. The shoulders are not broad and make for a boxy look and comfortable wear.

Conclusion: Cherokee WorkWear V-Neck Scrub Top is a best buy for every man and women medical professional looking for comfortable, easy and loose fit to work in. It’s also durable and is an investment in itself.


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