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Health Institutions Recommend the Need of Vaccinations


With the development of medical technology, health specialists and scientists have managed to bring forth different types of vaccinations to prevent certain illnesses and diseases, such as hepatitis A, measles, and polio. Such vaccinations are recommended for public every six months. Furthermore, as the weather fluctuates, and people feel cold and become more clustered indoors, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims to get a shot during this time as a necessity. In fact, according to the director of public health, Lubbock Health Department, they actually make the most of the grants received from the Department of State Health Services to further promote vaccinations in Lubbock areas.

If people are showing their desire to avoid illness, they merely want to respond when there are some threat consequences, says Lacy. However, we aren’t sure about whether influenza would be mild or severe this winter; neither there is anyone to predict it. Though it is recommended that everyone get vaccinations as soon as possible, a flu shot is crucial at this time. In various cases of the flu, candidates may experience varying types of upper-respiratory issues, cough, and fever, among other problems, says Dr. Mark Lacy.


Though viruses have different ways of spreading, being safe and taking the proper precautions never hurt anyone, Wells said. Victims of viruses with weak immune system, such as elderly and young children, get easily affected by them. Consequently, it is especially necessary for them to not only get vaccinated but also be surrounded by people who have received vaccines, Wells told. Moreover, it reduces the risks for those who are affected by the virus.

The closer we approach together, the easier it is to viral that kind of stuff. Therefore, being surrounded by lots of people, you have the capacity to spread among a large group of people, in comparison with just walking around and passing by someone on the street.


Viruses can spread instantly in classrooms, public parks, washrooms and other places. In some situations, there is a time span before one begins to experience sickness, and during that period, the victim might not even acknowledge the fact that the virus has attacked it. Though the vaccine is not a perfect remedy for various health issues, it is better than doing nothing. It is like a seat belt that can help us from harm, but it isn’t a guarantee either.


The colds of this season may harm your health. Therefore get required vaccines to prevent the flu. Moreover, approach a consultant and get professional advice on vaccines that are necessary for you, and your family and loved ones. Furthermore, keep yourself protected from people who are affected by viruses. People with a weak immune system should be more careful regarding their surroundings.



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