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Have Fun in Your Scrub Uniforms with Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore Prints

No one is too young for Disney and definitely no one is too old for Disney. Whether 10 or 40, Disney is a world you would always appreciate and the characters you would always love. We all have our favorites and there are those who collect stuffs, from keychain to bags to t-shirts, with their favorite Disney characters.

If there is one thing I totally like about Disney is that it’s a lot of fun. And one can never be grumpy with Disney characters around. Guess that’s one reason why Cherokee Uniforms keeps coming up with the best scrubs with Disney prints aside of course from the fact that it is never really out of style.

Healthcare professionals know that it easy enough to get stressed when one is hard at work and one way to make it light and feel really good is to wear comfortable scrub uniforms. But comfortable need not be frumpy or dowdy, scrubs sale certainly picks up with fashionably stylish and trendy scrubs. And this is why the Disney collection is one of the most sought after scrub tops at Pulse Uniform.

Take a look at some of the latest scrub uniforms that one can get at Pulse Uniform.

Winnie the Pooh, also called Pooh Bear or simply the Pooh, is a fictional anthropomorphic bear created by A. A. Milne. One of the best loved Disney characters, it has been estimated that Winnie the Pooh features and merchandise generate as much revenue as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto combined.

Eeyore is the wonderfully grumpy, depressive, and adorable donkey and friend of Winnie the Pooh whose tail keeps falling off. And obviously some want to have the best scrubs ever with Eeyore on it because we have got three new styles.

Disney Womens Two Pocket V-Neck Poohka Dot Printed Top or CH-6875CPD

A basic V-neck scrub tops that features the Disney characters Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Fans of these two characters could spike the scrubs sale since they can get tow fave characters in one scrub uniforms. Made from 100% cotton so you can expect it to be comfortable as well as give you a more feminine silhouette via the front and back yoke that adds the shaping and slimming effect. Soft and stretchy side panels in contrast black is made from poly spandex. One can easily coordinate this scrub tops with any scrub pants in colors black, royal, pewter, and dandelion.

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Have fun with these three new print scrubs that’s utterly cute. Flexibles Womens Two Pocket V-Neck Blue is the New Black TopStyle or CH-6875CPB is the same style and 100% cotton fabric as the scrub uniforms above only with a different print. Disney Women V-Neck Love Forever Print Nursing Scrub Top or CH-6546EQ also has Eeyore in its design and made from poly/cotton poplin fabric. It features side vents to make movements so much easier especially foe a nurse who is always on the go. Of course, generous patch pockets are there to stow must-have stuffs while on-duty.

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Disney Womens Two Pocket Round Neck You Blockhead Printed Top or CH-6628PO

This is one of the best scrubs simply because it is available in an adorable “Blockhead” design. Not only is the color so feminine but the design is absolutely so with softly curved yoke with a piping in contrasting color and a delicate center front pin tucks. The raglan style seaming and half back elastic adds the shape for a more flattering contour.

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Don’t you just love the Pooh and Eeyore? Now indulge your cravings for these two adorable Disney characters as you go on your shifts and have fun as patients and colleagues appreciate it. Now if you like other Disney characters then see more of them at Pulse Uniform. There’s more to see as Cherokee scrubs reveals more scrub uniforms featuring other characters like Tinkerbell, Snow White, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and more.

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