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Reasons to Include Barco Scrub Pants in Your Wardrobe

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Considering the work environment and the many responsibilities assigned to nurses, it is just right to have a uniform that guarantees utmost comfort and ease of movement. Barco is just of the many brands that have established a good reputation in the medical apparel industry. They are highly known for delivering scrub uniforms that are […]

Have Fun in Your Scrub Uniforms with Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore Prints

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No one is too young for Disney and definitely no one is too old for Disney. Whether 10 or 40, Disney is a world you would always appreciate and the characters you would always love. We all have our favorites and there are those who collect stuffs, from keychain to bags to t-shirts, with their […]

My New Love – Cherokee Scrubs

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It’s an illusion. The new hottie in town is an illusion. Miss illusion is the new women Cherokee two Fer Mock Wrap Top. It’s a scrub that looks as if two garments are worn all at once. The consistent contrast trims at the hemline, neckline and shoulders tricks the eyes. Cool designs of Cherokee scrubs […]

Print Scrubs – Loved by Women, Loved by Men

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Print scrubs are the new love of health care workers. Many female nurses, for instance love the floral prints, which can either be in the pretty pastel colors or quite dark colors. On the other hand, male nurses look for cool tooniforms. And they look really cute with those uniforms. Even patient kids would readily […]

Cozy White Scrubs

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When was the last time you were in white scrubs? If you’re working as a hospital personnel, and the admin is not very strict with color coded scrub uniforms, you probably had them when still in college. Perhaps, it’s the easy-catch-the-dirt trait of these white hospital uniforms why many health care workers turn into colored […]

Improved Quality Scrub Pants

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What’s the secret behind pants’ unrelenting popularity? Perhaps, we all know it already. It’s the great comfort the wearer gets. And not only that, pants are easy to style, can be worn in almost any occasions, and great for all ages. This is why, even in the medical industry, pants are widely used. In fact, […]