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Cozy White Scrubs

When was the last time you were in white scrubs? If you’re working as a hospital personnel, and the admin is not very strict with color coded scrub uniforms, you probably had them when still in college. Perhaps, it’s the easy-catch-the-dirt trait of these white hospital uniforms why many health care workers turn into colored and printed ones.

However, even at the midst of the proliferation of colored and printed uniforms, white scrubs held strong on staying on top of the most popular items. They continue capturing so many physicians and nurses. In fact, white scrubs are still best sellers. The very neat look of white primarily entices these people. It looks peaceful. And it repels heat, thus comfortable to wear. And to satisfy wearers, designers create white scrubs with fine cuts, styles, and embroidery. You can look through Pulse Uniforms wide selection of scrub uniforms to see details of different designs.

Cherokee white scrub top with lace

The featured white scrub top worn by the model is so simple, and yet so pretty. It seems to exude life from within, from the wearer. A feminine lace and satin trim border gives it a very unique touch. Complementing it is the narrow lace trim of the short sleeves. The narrow v-neck goes well with those slim fitted top. And then, its side angle pockets and side slits gave the sweet finish. Very cozy. More of these and details of prices are available at Pulse Uniform. Visit and find the best white scrubs to suit you best.

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