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Cozy White Scrubs

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When was the last time you were in white scrubs? If you’re working as a hospital personnel, and the admin is not very strict with color coded scrub uniforms, you probably had them when still in college. Perhaps, it’s the easy-catch-the-dirt trait of these white hospital uniforms why many health care workers turn into colored […]

Feeling Lucky with White Scrubs

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What comes to your mind when you see somebody all in white? Maybe, you can see a vivid picture of a bride looking very happy with her white gown while walking down the aisle. Or perhaps, you remember those doctors when they are in their lab coats, busy and still have so much to attend […]

Dickies Lab Coats – Practically Stylish

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How do you like your lab coats to look like? Maybe you want it to bring out your caring character while making you appear more respectable and efficient in the profession. If that’s what you are looking for, Dickies lab coats are the perfect items to check out. They feature simple but smart designs which […]

Dickies Uniforms in Classic White

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Clean, neat, and making the wearer look respectable are the things why many medical professionals still demand for white medical uniforms. This is despite the fact the colored and print scrubs have already penetrated the health care industry successfully. Also, knowing that trusted manufacturers like Dickies keep bringing quality white medical uniforms, customers will continue […]