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Guide to Getting the Right Hospital Scrubs Measurements and Fit

When buying hospital scrubs online, one of the common problem often encountered by customers alike is the sizing, specifically getting the correct size whether it is for scrub tops or pants. Customers usually tell sales representatives their sizes not knowing that sizes and fits can sometimes differ from one brand to another, from one manufacturer to another. On the part of the customer support people, telling the customer his or her correct size is hindered by the fact that you cannot actually see and measure the person on the other side of the phone. Customers may have flexible measuring tape on their hands but there is actually a correct way to measure the much needed information.

Let us first define key terminologies needed to get your point across.

Center Back Length – this is the measurement of the scrub top from the center back of the neck to the center edge hem. This measurement is necessary to get the vertical measurement of your bodice and determine whether the scrub tops is short for you especially if you intend to tuck it inside your scrub pants.

Dolman Sleeves – these are the sleeves cut with the body, the type of sleeves that’s continuous from the neck with no stitched separate material.

Pulse Uniform | Hospital Scrubs Dolman Sleeves PU-4001

Set-in Sleeves – the sleeves which are cut out of separate pieces of material and stitched to the body of the top, like the sleeve on a shirt.

Pulse Uniform | Hospital Scrubs Set In Sleeves | BA-51722

Inseam – is the seam that binds the length of the inner pant leg. The distance from the bottom crotch to the lower ankle is also known as the inseam. The inseam length determines the length of the inner pant leg to appropriately fit the wearer. And the inseam varies between regular sizes, petite and tall sizes.

Don’t depend on the size you see on your favorite hospital scrubs when getting a new one from a different brand. Although Pulse Uniform has complete information about the sizing of the different discount uniforms we offer that all you actually have to do is simply get your measurement and look into our size charts to compare and verify.

To get the proper measurement you might need somebody’s help especially in measuring the inseam. On the other hand, you can simply get the inseam of your favorite scrub pants (most likely this is the one which fits you best) and use it. To do that, get the length from the point where the legs meet together down the pants’ bottom seam.

To properly measure individual reference points

For your chest/bust: Put the tape measure under your armpits and measure around the broadest part of your chest or fullest part of bust.

For your waist: Measure the circumference of your waist at your natural waistline. To find your natural waistline, bend to one side and locate the crease that forms.

For your hips: Stand with your feet 2 to 4 inches apart and measure around the fullest part of your hips and butt. Use a mirror or a friend to check to make sure you’re measuring a level line.

For your inseam: While wearing a pair of pants, measure from your crotch to the bottom of your ankle or to desired pant length. You may want to hold the top end of the tape measure in place while a friend stretches it down to your ankle.

Center back length: Measure from neckline to waistline. Center Back is the vertical length taken from Center Back Neck Point (Cervical Vertebra or C7) to the Waistline level (see figure).

The measurement is made only when the head is erected. To take a proper measurement of Center Back, you should find 2 reference points:

Cervical Vertebra (C7) and Waistline. You may bend your head forward to identify the position of center back neck point. However, always measure the vertical length from that point with the head erected.

Hospital scrub pants size category:

Petite sizes are standard clothing sizes designed to fit women not only of shorter height but also proportioned smaller, scaled down in shoulder width and sleeve length, typically 4’11”-5’3 1/2″. Usual Inseam 28 inches
Regular sizes are standard clothing sizes designed to fit well-proportioned women 5’4″-5’7 1/2″ tall, with hips slightly larger than bust. Usual Inseam 30 inches
Tall sizes are standard clothing sizes designed to fit the long torsos of women 5’8″-6′ 1/2”. Body length increases 1 1/2″ and sleeve length increases 1″ from our Regular fit.
Inseam 32 inches (Regular inseam 30”)
Inseam 33 inches (Regular inseam 31”)

For more information regarding tall size pants,  see our Tall Pants Shopping Guide.

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