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Nurse Scrubs In T-shirt Styles

Medical uniforms have gone a long, long way.

No longer limited to just all-white scrubs, the nursing fashion has definitely evolved. There is now a plethora of medical uniforms styles in the market these days. Nursing scrub tops are now available not only in the basic v-neck style but also in fashion-forward styles and designs including mock wrap, empire waist, square neck and smocked square-neckline, drawstring neckline and so many more. Sometimes one can even get confused because these nurse scrubs don’t look like uniforms anymore. You also can’t help falling in love with different prints and patterns available for all these chic styles and cuts. Some are even made with embellishments and details like princess seams and pin tucks meant to display a more feminine silhouette.

Every now and then though we feel like just wearing a regular shirt unfortunately it’s not possible when there is a dress code. If you feel like wearing a shirt without defying the required standards of the hospital or clinic you work in, the take a look at these nurse scrubs. At first glance, they look like a regular casual tee nice enough to wear on a stroll at the park. A closer look though reveals these are nurse scrubs that have the necessary features required by working nurses and other healthcare professionals.  This includes the much needed pockets for the tools of the trade, side vents that allow more movement with no restrictions, and details that make these nurse scrubs different from a regular t-shirt like bust darts, back release darts, back elastic, all meant to add shaping and a feminine cut.

Nurse Scrubs In T-shirt Styles | Pulse Uniform

CH-6734BMK, CH-26728SU, CH-6734DA, CH-6737BCB, and SK-25742BMD respectively

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