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Happy Independence America!

Every year, we celebrate our independence and commemorate the patriotism of our forefathers and the resilience of the American people in every challenge faced. This year, we celebrate the 238th independence of the United States of America from United Kingdom.

Today, America is composed of people from all walks of life striving hard to realize their own dreams – the American Dream. Part of these are the individuals working under the public, private, food, industrial and healthcare industries. All set to perform their roles efficiently in and out of the workplace further contributing to the betterment and progress of the society.

In our Facebook page, we will be showcasing industry leaders, forefathers, and other prominent personalities that helped shape America and its future. We will also include some trivia that will give you insight on what had happened. All this will begin 10 days before July 4. Join in our conversations on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag “#IAmAHero”.

On top of these, Pulse Uniform will be offering a 10% discount on all orders plus free shipping from July 4th up to the 6th. This is our way of giving back to the new heroes of our society – the health care professionals who are always there to help.

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