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Feel Free To Ask These 5 Questions to Your Doctor

It’s not often easy to ask your health counselor about typically taboo or classically embarrassing questions, however, it can help in identifying a horrible illness going untreated. That’s why it is important to always being honest and open with a doctor, and trust that the person will honor your queries and won’t violate your confidentiality. Above all, it helps to remember that most medical professionals have already diagnosed and cured the issues what you are presenting or worse. Mentioned below are five important questions to ask your doctor:

2000px-metastasis_sites_for_common_cancers-svgWill you guide me how to check my Testicles / Breasts for Lumps?

Early diagnosis and timely treatment of a medical issue bring effective results. Similarly, cancers are easier to cure and have higher survival rates the earlier these are considered. Never hesitate to ask your medical consultant to teach you how to do it properly – it’s essential.

Why does it smell funny?

An unusual smell on any part of your body can be a sign of something wrong such as a minor issue like foot fungus to a major invasive problem like a sexually transmitted disease. Bacterial vaginosis often smells fishy; diabetes can make one’s breath taste like nail polish smell, and a smelling ear could be a sign of a pus infection. If something has a stingy or weird odor, make sure you talk about it.

Why My Urine/Poop Has A Strange Color?pexels-photo-191845-large

Everybody cleans its bowels and bladder every single day. If you bother to look down into the toilet after flushing and observe a weird color or consistency, inform your doctor regarding this. While the lightness of urine can be associated to hydration, and darker urine can be a sign of something wrong. The Mayo Clinic indicates that red urine could refer to bleeding from a urinary tract infection or few kidney stones. Moreover, white stool can reflect a sign of an obstruction in the bile duct, on the other hand, bright red stool could be an indication of bleeding. Therefore, mention it to your doctor.

hand-largeDid You Remember To Clean Your Hands?

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on 17 Oct tweeted a reminder about the need for doctors and other medical professionals to clean their hands. If your doctor enters the room and you don’t notice them wash their hands, inquire about it because anyone can make a mistake and forget a part of their daily routine. You can remind your doctor to clean its hands by saying, “Thanks for washing your hands.”

Can I tell you about this recreational drug I used?

It’s essential for both the diagnosis and the cure of a patient by any health professional that the doctor should have a complete medical history that includes information regarding consumption of any legal or illegal drugs that could have caused any medical complication or may interfere with your treatment. Being honest with your doctor can better assist him to help you with your health issues.


The more you share your health-related issues with your doctor, the better you are expected to get the cure. The above mentioned five questions and their answers from your health practitioner can help a patient prevent the consequences of any invasive health issue.



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