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Collaborative Efforts Can Remarkably Innovate Health Care

With the consistent development in medical technology today, health sciences have discovered treatments of various diseases including chronic issues and serious problems.  In recent U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow Conference on Thursday at 2016 in Washington, D.C. a panel of innovative experts with the collaborative understanding within the organization said that it would be hard to define the innovation yet it is an essential way to impact the cost and quality of healthcare remarkably.

The vice president, Lisa Chancellor, at EXL Analytics informed that she is feeling an increasing willingness on the industry’s part to keenly look to the outside sources for innovative ideas that she didn’t feel so when she began in health care. Furthermore, the thing she was excited about is the readiness of health care now to expand its horizons and even look outside of health care for new ways to move forward. According to her, innovation can be broken into two types, viz. systematic and ingrained. The former cites a more formal process, while the latter defines a more organic. In fact, she finds involvement of everyone as the best way to foster innovation. Moreover, she recommends everyone to get it ingrained in every layer of their organization. You need not have a huge capital budget to initiate instilling that culture and build it, she added.

The director of innovation, Todd Dunn, at Intermountain Healthcare told that the role of innovation shouldn’t be to develop answers immediately; rather, the focus should be to comprehend and define the context of the issue in hand before answering it. Empathy and curiosity are two fundamental and the most effective keys to innovation, he added. Dunn told that he doesn’t see to think of failure as a quick and cheap method to learn; instead, it’s about learning what you have to understand before you put more time and money.

Collaboration is another aspect of innovation since answers are usually multidisciplinary, said Lesley Solomon who is serving Women’s Hospital as an executive director. Innovation teams that are traditionally small in size, most of the times don’t even have the resources to support and work on everyone’s ideas, she said. Therefore, bringing in outside partners – that sometimes already have a feasible solution – can help them promote innovation.

Chancellor suggested three easy steps to help others innovate: Get engaged with someone who is willing to deliver the energy, deeply absorb yourself in that kind of environment and provide them with something to react to, engage with and respond to. A simple way to do so is to listen and understand how well your environment works keenly.

Innovation in medical technology is essential to find out improved treatment with a minimum pain of various diseases and cure of many chronic issues. A panel of innovative experts gathered at U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow Conference this year, told that collaborative efforts and engagement are the essence of medical innovation where ideas can be supported by outside partners with better solutions to carry out the idea. Let’s associate with like-minded people to turn ideas into innovative realities.


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