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8 Easy Tips – Say No to Flu and Cough This Season

Every year, a typical adult can contact with two or three cold, tells the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. So, here are the necessary tips from the health experts to help you skip the annual vaccine and set you ready for the healthiest season ahead:

1. pexels-photo-128865Breakfast with Yogurt

Easing your digestive distress can help you stave off a cold. A study in 2011 found that consumers of probiotics via fermented foods or supplements such as yogurt, kimchi and kefir had 12% fewer respiratory infections.


2. Fresh Environment

Spending all day in a stuffy environment with anyone who is affected by weather triggers your risk of catching a bug. Circulation of little fresh air in your living room makes the environment better and prevents the associated risks.

pexels-photo-1294653. Enjoy some mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are enriched with immune-boosting powers according to recent research. And people who ate the baked mushroom daily for next 30 days showed a greater number of T-cells and less inflammation.


4. Stay away from sneezers

If someone next to you begins coughing or sneezing, immediately excuse yourself and change the seat. Because germs carried in sneeze particles may travel up to 20 feet.

photo-1455026733626-d2d31efe49765. Score Regular Sleep

Make the most of longer nights and enjoy your sleep in darkness. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who slept for less than 7 hours were three times as susceptible to cold as subjects who slept for at least 8 hours.


6. Clean your nose

Make it the part of your nighttime routine to rinse off your nose with a fresh salted water, or saline solution, or over-the-counter nasal irrigator. This will help you clean out viral particles that you’ve inhaled all day long before they begin to affect your health.

pexels-photo-1285977. Tap your chest

At the level of your third rib and in the middle of your breastbone there is an acupressure point. A series of gentle tapping for about a minute every next couple of hours will prompt your thymus gland to release more T cells to attack pathogens.


8. Plenty of liquids

Fluids and juicy liquids help in thinning the mucus that your body produces when you are sick. And when the germ-filled mucus is thinner, it is easier to clear it out of your system. Therefore, take at least 2 liters of water or other wholesome fluids a day.


pexels-photo-172748It is common to get affected by cold and cough in winter. However, you can prevent it by having yogurt breakfast, living in a fresh environment, eating a piece of cooked mushroom daily, staying away from sneezers, having a deep sweet sleep, cleaning out your nose before you sleep, tapping your chest, and drinking lots of water or juice. Prepare yourself for this healthy and joyful season.


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