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How Herbs and Spices Help in Trimming Weight

2)  Trimming Weight

Herbs and spices are also reliable shoulders when you have weight management problem due to uncontrolled use of salt and sugar. They can bring down calories without ruining the flavor of your dishes, and make them more savory instead. Herbs and spices also offer high flavor with little or no fat, and are virtually calorie free.

Heber said, “Tastier foods are more satisfying than bland ones, which you tend to eat faster and with less fulfillment. If you’re not satisfied you’re more likely to overeat. On the contrary, there are people who tend to eat more when food is tastier, and less when less savory. In the point of view or enjoyable healthy eating, though, what Heber said is just so true.

Hot spices, aside encouraging you to eat less by temporarily ruining appetite, also has thermogenic action that help increase rate of calorie burning. Chili peppers, for instance, has dihydrocapsiate compound that boosts fat-burning capacity when eaten three times a day, according to a study.

Cinnamon has the capacity to bring out the natural sweetness of foods, requiring less or no sugar in dishes at all. Sugar and other calorie-laden condiments will not be necessary if you use the healthier spices as alternatives. Turmeric works on better fat metabolism, and rosemary improves digestion.

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