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How do physicians and nurses live their pledge of giving the best patient care?


Mother’s Day is the time of the year that we honor the most important lady in our lives. Celebrated every second Sunday of May in the US, the celebration is one of the largest economic stimulus as sales is booming in many retail areas. Let’s take a look on Mother’s Day related statistics. Mother’s Stats […]

Five Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Yesterday, April 22, people around the world celebrated Earth Day as a global campaign in demonstrating support for protecting the environment. But what about the other days of the year? Global warming and climate change are becoming imminent threat to our home as we continue to burn fossil fuels. Based on a report released by […]

6 Cheap But Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Remember your New Year’s resolution of watching your budget and avoiding unnecessary use of your credit card? You can stick to them and still spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones without feeling like a cheapskate. Here are six ways to make your spouse or partner feel special on this day without breaking your pockets. […]

Working Under the Medical Sector? These are the Best Movies You Must Not Miss!

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TOP 10 BEST MOVIES FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS Working as a healthcare professional is definitely not an easy job. As you spend your time caring for everyone, you also must remember to take care of yourselves. Taking a good break from work is indeed a privilege, and watching movies during your free time is one of them. […]

You Might Want to Read This First Before Putting Another Energy Drink Near Your Mouth

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Too Much of Anything is Bad: The Dangers of Energy Drinks “Energy drinks”, concluding from the name itself, you already know what is in store for you. Yes, these beverages justify every letter on the word “Energy” for it is made to energize, revitalize and give your mind and body the boost to go through […]

#BullyNoMore: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

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What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Bullying”? For some, it’s that pretty little girl at school who always make fun of her fellow classmates less pretty than her. For others, it’s the big, obnoxious guy who always tries to take other people’s belongings, throw out vulgar words and like to beat people up even […]