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You Might Want to Read This First Before Putting Another Energy Drink Near Your Mouth

Too Much of Anything is Bad: The Dangers of Energy Drinks

“Energy drinks”, concluding from the name itself, you already know what is in store for you. Yes, these beverages justify every letter on the word “Energy” for it is made to energize, revitalize and give your mind and body the boost to go through the day. However, as cliche as it sounds that for every good, there is an equal bad, the statement stands true with these drinks. These energy drinks do not solely provide positive effects for there are also hazards that go with them once they are abused.

Allergic Reactions

Energy drinks are composed of several ingredients. Few of them are Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. Because of the ingredients co-existing with each other, there is a large possibility that reactions could occur and it can lead from minor itching to even worse, airway pressure or contraction.


Migraines & Headaches

If you happen to consume too much of these energy drinks, it can lead to extreme migraines and headaches brought by the “caffeine withdrawal symptoms”. These symptoms include irritability, sleepiness, depression, constipation, etc. Moreover, changing the quantity of caffeine you consume everyday can lead to more recurrent headaches and migraines.


Like any other common vices, too much energy drink and caffeine can also trigger our addiction. Making matters worse, abusive consumption of these beverages can cause us to being inactive or dysfunctional when we fail to possess these things and like any other drug, food or beverage that we became addicted to, these can also cause us financial stress from the unavoidable demand that we have to buy several of these drinks every single day.


It is obvious that too much consumption of certain foods or drinks, whether the same type or not, can greatly mess with your system so as too much intake of these energy drinks can cause vomiting. Accordingly, if this becomes a habit, this can cause acid erosion of esophagus and teeth and dehydration.


Cardiac Arrest

For those who are suffering from heart disorders, you might want not to indulge in these energy drinks for it can trigger a cardiac arrest and that is definitely the last thing you want to happen to you. To prevent such from happening, make sure to know all about your heart’s health before drinking these energy drinks. There is a study that stated that these energy drinks can cause frequent contractions of the heart which is doubtlessly considered to be very severe to people suffering from certain heart disorders. Additionally, a French study revealed that from the year 2009 to 2011, there were 257 unfortunate cases related to these energy drinks and most of these cases with cardio-vascular origin include 8 cases all causing to death.

Type 2 Diabetes

Because of the fact that several of these energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar, they can ultimately deteriorate the pancreas’ insulin producing cells which can lead to type 2 diabetes.



Unsafe Behavior

The Journal of American College Health published a study which stated that young adults/teens have a great chance of taking unsafe risks when high after consuming caffeine. Without a concise observation, alertness and quick and accurate response, this could more likely result into trouble, injuring others and also themselves.


Nervousness or Anxiety

Also, consuming too much amount of caffeine from energy drinks can lead to anxiety and trembling for some people. It is a fact that once anxiety strikes, it can hinder once activity and causes him/her to undergo certain emotional issues including confusion, depression and nervousness thus putting a temporary pause on whatever he/she is doing. Additionally, in the city of Perth in Australia, a study showed that even a 250ml energy drink causes young men’s anxiety to gradually increase.


By their nature, it is a fact that that energy drinks does a very good job in keeping you awake, extending the possibilities of progressions of certain everyday/night activities, but when abused, intakes of these drinks causes few people to miss sleep at all and this is a very bad thing to happen. Lack of sleep causes incapacitation thus further compromising health.

As they say, too much of everything is bad. We all should take things very moderately and indulging in these energy drinks does not exclude from the context. Once abused, damage and several forms of unfortunate cases are sure to follow. For us to prevent these events from happening, sufficient and accurate awareness are definitely important keys.

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