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#BullyNoMore: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Bullying”? For some, it’s that pretty little girl at school who always make fun of her fellow classmates less pretty than her. For others, it’s the big, obnoxious guy who always tries to take other people’s belongings, throw out vulgar words and like to beat people up even if they don’t do a thing. Bullying exists by the doings of a single person or a group degrading, beating, ganging and making fun of innocent individuals. Regardless of the appearance or situation it comes in, bullying can make the victim feel tired, neglected, alone, hurt and depressed. Be it children, young adults and adults, bullying can hinder all of them from living a cheerful and secured life.

Bullying is currently happening all across the world. It stands prevalent within the racial/cultural/ethnical aspects or the socio-economic statuses of a certain individual. Researchers state that it starts as early as preschool stage and it progresses further during growth.

Moreover, bullying includes behaviors that centers on degrading someone, making them feel poor, belittled and inadequate. It also includes mental and physical harm, any form of harassment, application of vulgar and demeaning speeches and the intent of rejecting a particular person or a group. On a short note, bullying is realized with the very intent of bringing down another individual.

There are in fact 4 types of bullying namely, verbal, social, physical and cyber bullying. All made to bring the victim different kinds of problems and for the bully, a sense of power and delight. “Verbal bullying” includes the use of provocative and indecent words while “Social bullying” has something to do with damaging one’s reputation. “Physical bullying” on the other hand, takes place through the use of force or inflicting physical pain to someone and lastly, “Cyber bullying”, wherein the bullying happens online.

What do these 4 types of bullying have in common? They are impacting examples of how one man or a group can make a victim feel insulted, frightened, uncomfortable and hurt. It is important to know more in-depth information about this topic as it takes place on every corner of the globe. A brief contemplation on things and obtaining sufficient details about bullying is essentially needed so that everyone could easily see the real picture.

Victims of bullying have a strong tendency to be physically, emotionally and mentally weak making it difficult for them to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. Every human in this world deserves their own right to feel secured and feel good about themselves and no person has the power to inflict pain to another person.

Time stands relevant to make things better. There are millions of cases of bullying happening around the world and it is never wrong for people like YOU to make a stand.

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