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Working Under the Medical Sector? These are the Best Movies You Must Not Miss!


Working as a healthcare professional is definitely not an easy job. As you spend your time caring for everyone, you also must remember to take care of yourselves. Taking a good break from work is indeed a privilege, and watching movies during your free time is one of them.

When it comes to movies, what are the best movies to watch? Simple, you might want to consider watching those that you can easily relate to and make you feel good about what you do as a healthcare professional.


Florence Nightingale is considered to be the most famous nurse. Also known as the “Queen of Nurses”, she is portrayed by actress Jaclyn Smith in this film. The movie depicts how Florence Nightingale became one of the most important individuals in nursing history. From her early life to her nursing efforts during the Crimean War, this movie never fails to amaze and tell a very inspiring true story. Clearly, this movie is a must-see for everyone. It greatly illustrates Florence Nightingale’s legacy and why she is labeled as the founder of modern nursing.


Do you want to know what Nursing was like back then? This movie is certain to help you a lot. “Prison Nurse” was released in 1938. This movie tells the story of a nurse who chose to work at a state prison. Follow Judy, together with two fellow nurses, as they push the limits in facing the threat of approaching floods and the break out of an epidemic typhoid fever; a truly inspiring story of perseverance and dedication.


Released in 1991, this film is based on the book “A Taste of My Own Medicine” by Ed Rosenbaum. Actor William Hurt plays as a successful surgeon who basically has it all. However, his arrogance causes him to treat patients unpleasantly. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was then the time where the doctor saw a life from a patient’s perspective. There he started to see medicine in a whole new different form. This movie brings a different meaning in “healing” more than doing treatments and writing prescriptions for medicines.


Based on the book with the same title by Ken Kesey, Jack Nicholson plays as Randle McMurphy, a low-profile criminal who pretended and got himself declared as insane allowing him to escape from labor duties in jail. He is then admitted to a mental hospital ran by Nurse Ratched. There he would get involve and stand witness to the atrocious authority of the nurse. Watch their story as McMurphy, together with his fellow inmates make a defiant stand against the oppressive nurse.


This 2006 film, directed by John Curran, was based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham. The movie is set in 1925 China depicting a story of a marriage between a young London socialite and a bacteriologist, Dr. Walter Fane, who was living in Shanghai. After the doctor discovered his wife’s infidelity, they both settled themselves to a remote village where disease and poverty are much potent. However, amidst these misfortunes, the couple started to live together with a new purpose and find the true meaning of forgiveness.


If you are into a more dramatic and romantic film, then “The English Patient” is definitely for you. Released in 1996, this movie depicts a story including many important characters mainly a nurse, a thief, a Sikh sapper and a badly burned Englishman. The story of the film progresses as the nurse takes care of the injured Englishman, who unfortunately obtained burns from a tragic plane crash. A story of betrayal, politics and love, surely, you will learn a lot from watching this great film.


This movie is based on Ernest Hemingway’s semi-autobiographical novel. Directed by Charles Vidor, this film was released in 1957 including Rock Hudson who played as “Frederick Henry”, an American soldier In the WWI. Follow Frederick Henry as he gets involve in the dangers of war and unfortunately gets injured. In the Italian hospital, he would meet and fall in love with “Catherine Barkley”, a British nurse who was tasked to attend to the soldier’s injuries. This is a beautiful story about how the couple fought against the odds of war.

8. “WIT”

Based on Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer Prize winning play with the same name. This film includes artist Emma Thompson who plays as “Vivian Bearing”, an intimidating and hardnosed English Literature professor who gets diagnosed with cancer. Upon getting confined at the hospital, it is there where Vivian starts to reflect on her reactions within the manifestations of cancer, aggressive procedures, experimental treatments and those important events in the patient’s life. Nurse Suzie gets into the picture and cares for Vivian when it comes down for the patient to lay out her final wishes. This film has an interesting plot and is considered as a true heart-warming piece.


Released in 2009, this is a true story of a man’s struggle to attain his dreams with the help of his beloved mother. Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. did a great job on his role as Ben Carson. Gifted Hands is a true story of Ben Carson, who lived in poverty, involved in a broken home, had a bad temper and bad grades. Despite the aforementioned misfortunes, Ben’s mother never left his side. She pushed and encouraged him to realize his dreams of becoming a doctor. With perseverance, Ben Carson did follow his dreams and became one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world.


Released in 2004, this movie is based on the true story of the partnership between renowned cardiac surgeon Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas, an African American janitor that was turned to a surgical technician. Set in Nashville 1930’s, this is a true story of two individuals who defied the rules in for them to come up and utilize an essentially unique procedure of heart surgery. The janitor Vivien Thomas worked side by side with the surgeon Alfred Blalock helping him develop the unique procedures aimed to save lives.

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