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6 Cheap But Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas

Remember your New Year’s resolution of watching your budget and avoiding unnecessary use of your credit card? You can stick to them and still spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones without feeling like a cheapskate.

Here are six ways to make your spouse or partner feel special on this day without breaking your pockets.

1. Rooftop Picnic

Ditch the usual fine dining date where you’ll be forced to spend on overpriced menu plus you need to spend a bit getting on a nice suit or a dress. Spend your Valentine’s Day dinner enjoying a rooftop picnic instead. Whether you are living on an apartment building or a bungalow (as long as it’s safe) spread out the blanket, gets some snacks and don’t forget some champagne.

2. Comedy Bar

Laughter is not only the best medicine but also a great way to get closer to your partner. There’s no better way to spend V-day night. Grab your date and visit a comedy bar for a wacky evening.

3. Roller Skating

Ice skating rinks will be jam-packed on Valentine’s Day, so go classic and take your date for roller skating. This can be super fun and a good way to lose some calories.

4. Hot Spa

Enjoy a relaxing time at a hot spa with your partner. Most spa treatments will increase blood flow and boost your endorphins or happy hormones. Plus your partner will be more relaxed for the rest of the night. The best part? You need to take a shower after spa, so why not make it a shower for two?

5. Concert

Forget the dramatic opera this V-Day and go for a concert of your partner’s favorite band. Or just go to a local music event, which will surely be a thrill for music lovers.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your special someone this Valentine’s Day. Write clues that would lead to special places that you have been together and prepare some sexy prizes as reward. (Hint: Try recreating your first date or kiss). This is very affordable, and you’ll get an A for effort!

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