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Must Know Facts about Heart Disease

Where to begin? Let’s start by counting numbers. Heart disease stands as one of the leading causes of death in both men and women. In the United States, more than a whopping 720,000 Americans die from heart disease per year. That is indeed a large number of deaths and these cases are deemed too tragic as the disease is too fatal and frequent.

As the name suggests, “heart disease” refers to the many different types of heart disorders and the most common type is “coronary artery disease” which unfortunately lead to heart attacks. These heart attacks are commonly caused by plaque buildup in our arteries. Buildups that lead to the blockage of oxygen and blood flow to our heart muscle. Heart disease, as a whole, is certainly a disorder that can abruptly determine life and death. Whether we are suffering from it or not, knowing essential facts about this disease is a key. In accordance, these are the must know facts about heart disease.

The bad case of cardiac arrest
After a cardiac arrest, it takes only 4 to 6 minutes before a person undergoes brain death and then complete death. The rate of survival outside a hospital is less than 2%.

Depression can kill too
People suffering from depression are more likely to die from heart disease by 25 to 40%.

Age, the leading risk factor
Age is classified as the common risk factor of developing heart disease followed by gender, family history, lack of exercise, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and vices such as smoking.

High blood pressure has no symptoms
Hypertension, occurs when the pressure in the arteries is much higher than normal, improves the risks of “coronary heart disease” or “atherosclerosis”. Frequently, high blood pressure lacks symptoms and aside from the heart, it can also affect the brain and the kidney.

The witching hour
Familiar about the term “Witching hour”? This time, paranormal beings aren’t the threats here. Yes, you’re right, none other than heart attacks. Medical professionals call early morning time as “witching hour”. It is the time when these heart attacks are likely to happen because in the morning, blood is hard, thick or harder to pump because a person is moderately dehydrated.

Heart disease can also affect women
In spite of the fact that women before menopausal stage can less likely suffer from heart disease than men, statistics are much likely to even up when women reach menopause. Men aging more than 55 years and women who went through menopause have the highest risk of suffering from heart disease.

Heart attacks can’t be quickly detected sometimes
Studies suggest that 25% of these heart attacks go undetected and are recognized only later when routine ECG is executed.

Secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease
A proof where smokers stand safer than the people around them who don’t: People who don’t smoke have more than 70% increase in risk of stroke when they are living or when they are always around people who actually smoke. Secondhand smoke also improves the risk of coronary heart disease by 25%. To raise the stakes even higher, just a quick exposure to secondhand smoke could likely trigger a heart attack.

People suffering from heart disease can still exercise
Exercise can definitely stress out your heart but performing appropriate kinds of exercises can certainly make your heart stronger. Also, through these right exercises comes the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure thus decreasing risk factors of heart disease. If you’re suffering from heart disease, talk to your doctor before performing exercises to assure your heart’s safety.

Women who smoke are also at risk
Women who smoke are at risk in suffering from heart attack 19 years earlier than women who don’t. Also, those women who smoke and consume oral contraceptives increase their risk of heart disease compared with non-smoking women that consume oral contraceptives.

Orgasms in men can decrease risks of heart disease
A statistical research in the United Kingdom particularly in Wales found that men having an orgasm for at least 3 times per week can decrease the risk of them dying from coronary heart disease by 50%.

Heart disease can still be treated
Given the fact that this disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women, it can still be treated. The last decade has seen a decrease in heart disease cases. This is because of the important detections, preventions and treatments. If one is diagnosed with it, the patient’s doctor will work with them on an essential treatment plan that includes lifestyle change, surgical procedures and other appropriate medications.

These are but a few facts about heart disease and sufficient knowledge about this disorder can save lives. Regardless of how we stand in life, we all should be aware about the several factors that concern this matter. Apart from the appropriate detection, prevention and treatment, a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle are essential keys for us to shy away from such unfortunate cases.

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